Dioma models are specially created for the ladies that prefer classical style combined with the splendour of glamour and memorable accents.
We believe in and follow the words of a real lady – Audrey Hepburn:
„Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."

We want every woman to feel elegant and beautiful when wearing our models. We rely on high-quality fabrics, unique cuts and lots of hand labour.
We embed a lot of love and energy in a dress, in order to fill it with life and to make your day special. We create magic from every one piece of fibre so that it can merge with the soul of the person it chooses.
We know that your special occasion requires special attention, responsibility and professionalism and we give you all of this.
When visiting us you will receive personal attitude, design and getting the dress of your dreams.
We will be happy to answer all your questions. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person and consult you.
We can schedule an individual consultation and an appointment for fitting.
Please contact us on the specified telephone numbers.

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